When you give dogs CBD, the effects can be felt within 30-45 minutes.

The effects may take some time to manifest, and are dependent on the dose. Take the time you need to give your dog CBD.

CBD offers numerous benefits to us, but it can also help our furry friends live their best lives. It can help calm them, provide relief for muscle/joint aches, improve their overall health and well-being, and increase their happiness.

 It is not meant to replace the need for the doctor’s prescription, but rather to supplement your pet’s wellness routine and to make your pet feel comfortable.

Dogs can experience a wide range of benefits from CBD. 

While it is rare, some dogs may have minor adverse reactions, such as dry mouth, so you should discuss your pet’s needs and possible reactions with your veterinarian. 

For best results, we recommend starting with a small dose of our California Beach Dog CBD, 1-5 mg per kg of the dog’s body weight.

The CBD dogs prefer may vary from pet to pet, including flavors and methods of delivery.

Bacon and salmon are the two flavors we offer in our CBD oil for dogs. 

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How to Give CBD to Dogs

You can administer drops by squirting the dropper directly into the sides of your pets tongue and cheeks. Or, you can also add pet tincture on top of your dog’s food.

The advantage of pet oil to dog treats is the oil offers more servings per package, as well as a faster response time.

Dog treats, on the other hand, provide the benefit of being easy to administer, and the effectiveness can last longer than the oil.

However, it is important to remember that dog treats take a little longer to digest. So, if you are preparing for a road trip or fireworks, you should give your dog CBD treats an hour before the event. Our California Beach Dog peanut butter treats provide 15mg per treat and can be snapped in half making them very easy to dose if you have multiple-sized dogs.

The ideal dose will work for your pet for approximately 4-6 hours between doses. 

Always give dogs CBD in a manner that will not overwhelm them.

Some dogs may be sensitive to the higher doses and may experience drowsiness or an upset stomach.

If this is the case, try reducing the amount of CBD given. 

Where to Buy CBD Oil For Dogs

At Herbal Risings CBD Dispensaries, we consider our pets to be a part of the family.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have to help you prepare to give your dogs CBD.

Start a chat with us 24/7 to get help before you buy.

We offer free delivery throughout the metro Arizona areas for all orders over $50.

For those outside of state, we also offer free shipping on qualifying orders.

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