Many veterans wonder if CBD use will affect VA eligibility. CBD is a safe non-addictive substance. Research has shown CBD may be beneficial for mental health and overall wellbeing. VA doctors are unable to prescribe CBD at this time. However, you should still tell your VA doctor if you are taking CBD oil, just in case there are interactions or notable changes in your exam or labs. You will not be denied VA benefits for taking CBD.

Veterans and talking to the doctor about CBD is a topic that has been discussed on many platforms. The idea of whether or not veterans should be allowed to use CBD for their PTSD has been debated for years.

The VA is still in the process of determining how they will handle the use of hemp, but they have acknowledged that there are some benefits from using it.

Some members of the VA have announced plans study it and see if it can help address some of these serious issues including suicide, addiction, and other things.

Veteran on psychotherapy