A CBD oil for your daily needs

Living Naturals CBD Oil is a powerful, yet natural treatment for a number of different health needs. The living naturals CBD oil is made from rice bran oil and the non-psychoactive isolated cannabinoid known as cannabidiol (CBD). This combination provides relief without the side effects. Rice bran oil is extracted from the outer hull of rice […]

Veterans and CBD

Veteran on psychotherapy

Many veterans wonder if CBD use will affect VA eligibility. CBD is a safe non-addictive substance. Research has shown CBD may be beneficial for mental health and overall wellbeing. VA doctors are unable to prescribe CBD at this time. However, you should still tell your VA doctor if you are taking CBD oil, just in […]

How Do You Choose A CBD Gummy?

cbd gummies choices

CBD Gummy Candy– So Many Choices, How Do You Choose? Step inside any store and try to decide which gummy is right for you. Pretty overwhelming, right? We know! We’ve been there. There are many choices. Some gummies may be stronger than you need. Other gummies may not be strong enough. Having a good experience […]

Do You Enjoy Coffee But Hate Jitters? Keep Calm With CBD Coffee

uno hemp coffee with cbd

Some folks often forget coffee by itself has its own therapeutic effects! According to the FDA, the caffeine in coffee is absorbed and circulated through your body within 30 minutes to an hour, while the effects can last up to six hours. Coffee stimulates the energy levels in the brain, improving concentration and memory retention, […]

What is CBD and where can I get it?

what is cbd

Do you love cbd but don’t know where to buy it or have questions about the products? People who try it say they feel little to no adverse reactions. CBD is available throughout Arizona. CBD is non-psychoactive and supports a variety of body functions. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most abundant cannabinoid within the hemp […]