Spring Refresh Sale!

Our Spring Refresh Sale is all about our nature-inspired favorites. Shop now and save an additional 30% off the listed price of our Spring collection.

Sweeten your favorite smoothie or ice cream with a tsp of cherry syrup. Each serving equals approximately 20mg CBD

Pair your iced tea or favorite beverage with our mango-flavored syrup

Enjoy the subtle taste of natural cherry extract with the Living Naturals Cherry CBD Tincture. It’s available in 3 sizes 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml. Each serving equals 8.3mg

Dreaming of a tropical paradise? Rest easy with our fruit-flavored sleep formulas!

Restore your body’s natural sleep balance with Living Naturals Mango Flavored CBD & Melatonin Tinctures

Support healthy sleep patterns and enjoy a burst of seratonin with Living Naturals Pineapple-Flavored CBD & Tryptophan Tinctures. That’s right! Tryptophan is the sleepy stuff found in turkey!

Refresh dry, scarred skin with the Janevape crisp, clean-smelling cucumber melon CBD salve. Massage onto sore muscles and joints with a gentle, mild fragrance. Ideal for sensitive skin.

Nothing says Spring quite like a beautiful butterfly! Our CBD butterfly gummies. 4 large butterfly-shaped pieces per package. Each piece offers 30mg

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