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500mg Pain Cream – JaneVape Cucumber Melon Pain


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Size: 2 ounce jar
Usage Information: Topical Use only

Directions For Use:

Massage a pea-sized dab into the skin and apply to sore muscles and joints, once daily. Adjust the amount as needed.


Keep jar stored away from heat. If the cream melts, set the jar on a level surface in a cool location and allow the cream time to settle.

JaneVape Pain Cream Ingredients:

500mg CBD 2oz Glass Jar
Nighttime Use
Cucumber Melon Essential Oils: Refresh, Revive, Anti-Aging
Made with Raw Shea Butter, Pure Mango Butter, Natural Bee’s Wax, and Rice Bran Oil.
Rice Bran Oil is the perfect complementing topical base for this amazing formulation. Natural Vitamin E, helps with scarring, and healing along with the pure and natural ingredients, this smooth pain cream packs a punch with an amazing 500mgs of CBD. You’ll find you don’t need much for those direct application areas. The light scent of the Cucumber Melon Essential Oil adds aromatherapy benefits along with being known to anti-aging, acne, sun damage, repairing nails and hair, lightening skin discoloration, even known to soothe eczema and psoriasis. Combining the refreshing cucumber melon essential oil with this CBD pain cream makes it a versatile salve that can be used almost anywhere. Try this refreshing pain cream everywhere you need it.

Dosage instructions: Just a dip of your fingertip. It doesn’t take much to tackle those small aches and pains. Just enough to work gently into the inflamed area. For those deep neurological pains, we recommend a tincture. The pain cream is a topical and will not absorb into the bloodstream, but will absorb directly into the inflamed, cramped, aching, trouble areas. We hear great reviews for moderate-heavy arthritis, muscle pain, surface healing, workout recovery, and other similar issues. You will notice the fast-acting relief in this quickly absorbing cream. An all-day relief is the goal, if you find yourself applying more than once a day, try our 800mg Chocolate Rose Pain Cream.

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