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October 14, 2019
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300mg CBD Topical Spray – JaneVape Topical Spray

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Size: 1 oz. spray bottle
Usage Information: Topical Use only

Highly effective formula infused with therapeutic herbs and natural extracts frankincense, camphor, myrrh, linalool, blended with hemp cannabidiol, this spray goes on easy and dries clean. Apply by spraying the targeted area 1-2 times per day to relax and soothe sore muscles and joints with relaxing, gentle fragrance.

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JaneVape 300mg CBD Topical Pain Spray

Size 1 oz. spray bottle

“Our Pain Creams are handcrafted and personally used by JaneVape herself. Fulfilling the needs of the customers, came easy when she crafted something to fulfill her own needs for pain, scarring, and inflammation. Not only does JaneVape use the purest 99.9 % pure hemp-derived Isolate, but also the highest quality full-spectrum distillate for those who need a little more than just CBD. JaneVape not only uses the best cannabinoids like CBD we also use the best terpenes. Terpenes are the essential oils found in the medicinal hemp and cannabis plants. Our formulas are always improving because we’re always learning. We’re crafting and formulation the best compounds for the best results. If you have never tried a JaneVape cream for your pain, you’re going to be greatly satisfied. If you have tried a JaneVape pain cream in the past, we’re so happy, you’ve found something that works for you! Welcome back. Welcome to relief. Welcome to JaneVape.”

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1 review for 300mg CBD Topical Spray – JaneVape Topical Spray

  1. R

    Rita Owen

    The spray was super easy to apply to my shoulders. I was surprised at how fast it got it to work!

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