Brand: C.B. Doc

Form: Candy

Serving size: 1 piece

Serving: 4mg

Special Diets: Contains sugar.

C.B. Doc Freeze-Dried Candy With CBD – 4mg Per Serving 

Be one of the first to try the newest products to hit the market! C.B. Doc’s Freeze-Dried Candy With CBD will knock your socks off with flavor! It starts with a classic candy. Our proprietary freeze-drying process ensures each and every piece is perfectly consistent with the next.

So, what exactly does the freeze-drying process due to the candy? Great question! What happens is actually something spectacular. Once placed in the freeze dryer, the candies are forced-dried for ten hours or more. The after product results in a light, airy crunch, similar to cereal or cheese puffs.

What’s even better is we’ve added our 99.9% pure hemp CBD to the process. Each piece offers a low dose between 4mg-5mg, making our freeze-dried candy a perfect defense for those midday blues and daily stressors. Who says candy isn’t useful?

Freeze-Dried Candy With CBD

Product Specifics

Ingredients: Varies on each candy.

Strength: 4mg per piece

Brand: C.B. Doc


Start with 1-2 pieces for daytime relief. Increase as needed.


Do not stop taking medications without first consulting a physician.

Quality-tested for your satisfaction.

CBD-enriched for added benefits.

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