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A Harmony of Delight and Wellness

Treat your furry friend to the delectable flavors of our Bacon Coconut Oil with CBD or Salmon Oil CBD tinctures, designed to soothe and invigorate. For our gluten-sensitive companions, we offer gluten-free dog treats that don’t compromise on taste or quality. And for those delightful moments of indulgence, our assorted dog treats are a perfect match. Plus, here’s something to make you smile too – all orders over $50 come with free USPS Priority shipping. Your pet’s happiness is our priority, so let’s embark on a journey to brighter tails and bouncier paws, together

Holistic Wellness

Nourish your pet's overall wellness with the combined power of carefully crafted treats and precisely measured oil drops.

Convenient Care

Experience the ease of bundled treats and oil drops, tailored to provide a hassle-free and enjoyable daily wellness routine for your furry friend.

Savings That Matter

Not only does your pet benefit, but your wallet does too! Our bundles offer cost-effective ways to enhance your pet's happiness and vitality.

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CBD Dog Treats

Indulge your pup in moments of calm delight with our Crunchy CBD Dog Treats. Specially crafted for those occasional needs – be it road trips, fireworks, or managing holiday hyperness – these savory treats offer a burst of tranquility in every bite. Whether it’s the open road, festive occasions, or simply keeping anxiety at bay, your furry friend can now savor relaxation and joy, one treat at a time.

Oral CBD Drops for Pets

Experience the essence of daily wellbeing for your cherished companion with our CBD Oils. These drops of comfort are designed to weave tranquility, relief, and overall contentment into your pet’s everyday life. Whether it’s a moment of restful reprieve or a playful leap into comfort, our CBD oils offer a holistic approach to supporting your pet’s joy and vitality. Easily administered by mouth or atop their favorite food, it’s a seamless addition to their routine that speaks volumes of love and care.

Value Bundles

Introducing our Pet CBD Bundles – Your Passport to Effortless Wellness and Savings! Elevate your pet’s happiness while enjoying the benefits of value packs that save you time and money. Whether you’re a first-time shopper or a seasoned enthusiast, our thoughtfully curated bundles take the guesswork out, offering a harmonious blend of CBD goodness tailored to your pet’s needs. Experience convenience and care like never before with bundles designed to simplify your journey towards a happier, healthier pet.

Smart Pack Bundles

Elevate your wellness journey and discover the harmony of full spectrum goodness. Shop now and embrace the full spectrum of well-being.

Every pet deserves to feel safe, calm, and cared for – that's why we're here to help!

Does your dog hide during fireworks? Our CBD products can be a game-changer for furry friends who dread the loud pops and booms.

Meet our perfectly calm kitty! Cats might have a reputation for being independent, but even they can benefit from a little extra serenity. Our CBD offerings can transform the skittish into the composed – just see the tranquility in those whiskers.

Anxiety on road trips? Not anymore! Say goodbye to anxious whimpers during road trips. Our CBD can be your bunny’s best friend, making car journeys a hoppy and stress-free experience.

With California Beach Dog’s CBD, every pet’s journey to happiness is just a drop away. Let’s create moments of peace, joy, and comfort together.

Reviews From Customers

1st timer, and I just bought the 100mg cool breeze and literally within minutes my shoulder stopped hurting!! Where has this been for the past 10 years of my life!! Going back to get some CBD oil for my dog with cancer in a few weeks. The young lady on chat was informed and very courteous. THANK YOU!! 😁

Robb S. Customer

The staff here are very helpful and allowed me to try a sample of some products before my purchase. Ever since, I’ve been using their products for my issues. They’ve been helping me tremendously! Strongly recommend!

Emily C. Customer

Very knowledgeable staff! I’ve purchased salves, vape pens, tinctures for anxiety, back, RA and Fibromyalgia. I couldn’t get by without it! I love the variety of flavors and strengths available.

Jenny A. Customer

I've bought some really awesome great for those winter aches pains and migraines!! Thanks!! I'll see ya soon!!

Kelly A. Customer