CBD Bundles and Smart Packs - Saving You Money and Time!

Bundled Packages

Discover Peace of Mind and Convenience with Good Day Living’s Bundles. Whether you’re new to CBD or simply curious about different formulas, our bundles are here to elevate your experience. Save money, save time, and explore with confidence as you unlock a curated selection of our finest products. Embrace a journey that’s both effortless and exciting, tailored to your preferences, and designed to offer you the very best of what Good Day Living has to offer. Plus, our Smart Packs guarantee a minimum 20% savings, ensuring not just a brighter day, but a smarter investment in your wellness. – enjoy the added benefit of free shipping on all orders exceeding $50

Holistic Wellness

Elevate your well-being by harnessing the synergistic benefits of thoughtfully crafted treats and precisely measured oil drops.

Convenient Care

Experience the ease of bundled treats and oil drops, tailored to provide a hassle-free and enjoyable daily wellness routine for good vibes.

Savings That Matter

Not only does your wellness benefit, but your wallet does too! Our bundles offer cost-effective ways to enhance your happiness and vitality.


Reviews From Customers

1st timer, and I just bought the 100mg cool breeze and where has this been for the past 10 years of my life!! Going back to get some CBD oil in a few weeks. The young lady on chat was informed and very courteous. THANK YOU!! 😁

Robb S. Customer

The staff here are very helpful and allowed me to try a sample of some products before my purchase. Ever since, I’ve been using their products. They’ve been helping me tremendously! Strongly recommend!

Emily C. Customer

Very knowledgeable staff! I’ve purchased salves, vape pens, tinctures and I couldn’t get by without it! I love the variety of flavors and strengths available.

Jenny A. Customer

I've bought some really awesome salve...works great for those winter blues!! Thanks!! I'll see ya soon!!

Kelly A. Customer