We have the best CBD pain creams, whether you want to soothe dry, cracked skin, relax and unwind, or cool inflamed muscles.

Shop our most popular strengths and formulas below with free shipping on orders over $60.All our CBD Pain Creams are made by JaneVape. We have a dozen different formulas available in our CBD pain cream collection including purple chocolate, chocolate sunrise, full spectrum, cooling, flower power, and chocolate rose creams.

Here’s a look at our CBD Pain Cream Formulas.

Chocolate Sunrise Salve

JaneVape Chocolate Sunrise Topical Cream invigorates the senses and awakens tired muscles with it’s citrusy blend of limonene terpenes, cocoa butter, and 99.9% hemp-derived CBD.

JaneVape Full Spectrum Chocolate Rose Pain Cream

The JaneVape Full Spectrum Chocolate Rose Pain Cream with  99.9% hemp-derived CBD contains full the spectrum cannaboind profile, includes 0.3% THC, blended with luxurious gerinal terpenes, cocoa butter, with a rosy undertone.

Cooling CBD Creams

Cool down achy, overworked muscles with JaneVape Mega Freeze CBD Pain Salve with menthol, camphor, mango butter, blended with 99.9% hemp-derived CBD. Buy it here

Maximum Strength CBD Creams

JaneVape Flower Power Topical Pain Cream packs a powerful punch of strength with 1000mg of CBD, combined with a bouquet of therapeutic terpenes.