cbd gummies choices

CBD Gummy Candy– So Many Choices, How Do You Choose? Step inside any store and try to decide which gummy is right for you. Pretty overwhelming, right? We know! We’ve been there. There are many choices. Some gummies may be stronger than you need. Other gummies may not be strong enough. Having a good experience with CBD starts with the product that works for you.

First, decide which one you need, and then pick the ones you prefer. It’s that simple. For example, suppose customer Linda is looking for a low milligram gummy to help calm her mind and reduce daily stress. Our gummy bears have 5mg of hemp CBD in each piece. Linda might want to choose the Buziit gummy bears with 5mg per piece. Or she might select the sugar-free gummies if she is diabetic or on a restrictive sugar diet.

Linda’s husband Larry would also like to try CBD to relax after work and help with minor pain. He tried Linda’s gummy bears and notices positive changes in his body’s afterwork wellbeing, but jokes that he had to eat an army of bears. Should he give up on CBD? No! Of course not. Larry might should select the 10mg gummy rings, if he prefers an even higher dosage of gummies, he could try the 25mg shark gummy candy.

Linda and Larry want a solution that is cost effective and allows them a chance to try all the flavors of the 10mg gummy rings. A great option is our 4-Pack Gummy Sampler. It includes four full-size packages of hemp gummies. In this bundle, you get one package of 5mg gummies and three packages of 10mg gummies. Use promo code samplerbogo for a special buy one bundle, get the 2nd bundle for half off.

Making The Most of Your Gummy Experience

Start with one gummy and work your way up in one hour increments if needed. Slowly bite and chew, moving the gummy between your cheeks, rather than immediately swallowing down the gummy. This allows the CBD to be absorbed inside the cheeks which works faster than waiting for it to digest.