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Historic Downtown Glendale is filled with many treasures, kind people, and charming independent businesses like Papa Ed’s Icecream, Drawn to Comics, and Bears & More. Explore the outdoors and feel connected when you visit us at Herbal Risings CBD Dispensary and our eclectic community. We supply the community with natural products including oils for under the tongue, hemp creams, edible treats, and even products for your pet. If you experience trouble sleeping, suffer from pain or anxiety, you owe it to yourself to give CBD a try. 

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I’m confused- How do I know what CBD works for me?

We are trained in all of our natural products and are very knowledgeable about remedies for a number of ailments. We want to help you in the best way possible. We listen to you, we understand you, and do our very best to recommend you the right product.

Historic Downtown Glendale, Arizona -Hemp Cream for Pain 

We have 12 variations of salve, which is a topical cream infused with beneficial plant derivatives. Our 200mg JaneVape Purple Chocolate, for example, is infused with CBD and linalool– a lavender-like plant extract. When applied topically, the Purple Chocolate formula may relieve pain and inflammation in sore muscles and achy joints. 


What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of 100+ chemical compounds occurring in the hemp plant with promising research indicating benefits of inflammation, sleep, pain relief, anxiety/depression, and has neuroprotective properties. CBD has many other health benefits including cancer symptom relief and may promote heart health.

Is CBD Safe?

We are proud of the products we carry which are locally made here in the USA. All our natural products are made with quality ingredients sourced from mother nature. We are strict on testing requirements and we are proud of the work we do especially when we hear feedback from our amazing patients. We love seeing happy faces. To see our customers’ health and happiness improve every time they walk through the door is the reason we do this!


How do I know if I will like it?

We have samples you can try to make sure you like the consistency, taste, and smell of the natural and organic ingredients. We work with you every step of the way. Come in and learn about the natural benefits of CBD.

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