The tasks performed by a firefighter are considered some of the most physically-demanding roles to hold. It requires a strong cardio game, muscle strength, and body endurance. The firefighter ability test measures eight areas of physical strength that match jobs performed in the field. It is far more than just a physical fitness test firefighters must take; It’s a test to assess your body’s readiness to enter the rigourous job role. Endurance and bravery are the two main characteristics of a qualified firefighter.

Firefighter Test Categories

The firefighter ability test is a physical ability test designed to check your ability to perform physical activities. It is a timed test measuring a person’s ability to handle the challenges of being a firefighter. Participants must pass tests within a variety of categories.

The test categories are:

While climbing the ladder and performing other tasks, the candidate will be required to wear helmet, gloves, plus weighted vests designed to simulate the carrying of protective gear and tools (axe, etc.) upstairs.

Challenge Yourself Like a Firefighter

Shake up your current fitness routine with firefighter challenges. Stair climbs, equipment carries, and hose drags are all physically-demanding challenges. If your current fitness routine has plateaued, why not give the firefighter challenge a try!

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