Does your pet experience stress? Dogs and cats can have stressful moments just like we do. Your pet is very sensitive to changes in your mood. Let’s take a moment and talk about your pet’s stress.

Is Your Pet Stressed?

When pets are stressed, they act out in various ways. Your dog may urinate on your favorite shoe or chew up favorite book. Cats may claw up the floor or furniture. These are some, but not all of the indicators that your pet may be experiencing anxiety or nervousness. The first step is to try to determine what is the cause of your pet’s stress episodes? If you have recently experienced a change in jobs or relationship, your pet is sensitive to your mood changes. Other factors that can affect a pet’s stress may be visitors to the home, a new baby, or even holiday chaos.

How to Help Your Stressed Out Pet

Just like you, exercise can be a great stress reducer for pets. Physical activities like walking or playing can help both you and your pet release tension. It is also good to provide your pet with a comfortable place in the home where he can escape anxious situations. Everybody enjoys a peaceful place to retreat.

CBD may be able to help your pet cope with a chaotic changing environment. Try it for pets who are experiencing nervousness in combination with the other stress-relieving suggestions listed above.

If your pet is in a constant state of stress, please talk to your veterinarian. There may be an underlying health issue.

pet's stress
If your dog is experiencing stress, try a single dog treat (5mg-10mg).
Or try a tincture for daily servings of CBD

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