Lemon and peach extracts have nutritional properties and are often suggested in many purifying diets. Living Naturals tinctures are made with real fruit extracts for enhanced flavor and other added benefits supportive of balance and wellbeing.



1200mg Lemon CBD

Living Naturals Lemon CBD Oil is an uplifting formula designed for daytime use. It is made with rice bran oil, lemon extract, and provides a generous 10mg hemp CBD per dose. If you're looking for a stronger daytime formula, the lemon CBD is a good choice. And of all the CBD oil flavors, this might be one of the most delightful ones.

1000mg Peach CBD

While the Peach CBD Oil may lower strength of CBD at 8.3mg per dose, it also carries the added benefits of natural peach extract. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, the peach extract may help improve the appearance of the overall health of your skin when applied topically.