Cannabidiol Defined

Cannabidiol defined as CBD is a non-psychotropic part of the hemp plant that has anti-panic and anti-anxiety properties. While a large number of medicines can be habit-forming, CBD is a more gentle treatment that can be used daily without psychoactive properties.

Understanding the Effectiveness

CBD has the proven capabilities to:

-Act as an antioxidant
-Promote healthy sleep habits
-Reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling
-Provide cell protection against ​degeneration ​
-Reduce anxiety and promote calmness

And last but certainly not least, CBD promotes homeostasis of the body by triggering receptor responses within your body. Homestasis refers to the process of maintaining a steady body balance when the outside environment is changed.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

Cannabidiol Take-Away Points

There are well over 100 terpenes and cannabinoids within the hemp plant with CBD being one of them. Our CBD products are made from either full spectrum or isolate extraction methods.

Full Spectrum: ​Contains ALL of the active compounds found naturally present in the
hemp plant.
Isolate: The single CBD molecule is isolated so that it is the only remaining component. It is typically suspended in a carrier oil such as olive oil.

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