pet cbd
CBD, short for cannabidiol, can serve many beneficial purposes in today’s society. It can help men and women of all ages with pain relief, stress, and relaxation. But did you know CBD can also benefit pets as well as their owners?

Let’s face it, pets are absolutely as much a part of the family as anyone else. Dogs, cats, and domesticated animals are cared for and nurtured just like a child or a sibling. The major difference is they can’t realistically tell us when they are in pain or are suffering from depression and other mental issues. But the incredible bond a pet owner feels for their pet, the special love, is how we decide to go the extra mile to ease our beloved animals’ pain.

CBD can help when administered properly, as in our line of oils and treats. Used as a measured dosage, California Beach Dog CBD Bacon Pet Drops with coconut oil and Alaskan salmon oil are made from natural hemp and are THC-free. They not only won’t harm your dog or cat, but can give them potential relief from the pain of arthritis, cancer, depression, and can allow for a better quality of life in old age and aid in the treatment of seizures.

Created just for dogs, we offer a selection of CBD extract dog treats. Whether large, small, or anywhere in between, your pup will enjoy naturally made and delicious treats any time of day. These CBD-infused dog treats can aid with gastrointestinal ailments, inflammation of the joints (or hips in larger breeds), anxiety issues, and other behavioral problems.

California Beach Dog values the relationship between pets and their owners. We welcome all pet owners to shop our selection of pet CBD oils and CBD dog treats, because your pets deserve the very best!

Recommendations for Tincture Use

Small Animals Under 20 lbs: 200mg Tincture

Medium Animals 30-50 lbs: 500mg

Large Animals 55 lbs+: 750mg

Start with 1/4 dropper of tincture by mouth or on top of food. Increase as needed.