Become a volunteer. You can make a big impact in many animals’ lives by volunteering to work at the Glendale AZ animal shelter. The shelter hosts volunteer orientation meetings every first Saturday of the month for people age 18 and older. For more information about volunteering, their website says to email them at

Donate. The Glendale AZ animal shelter receives no government funds. They depend on the community to help keep their doors open and animals fed. A 100.00 donation covers spay/neuter costs, vaccinations, and microchipping a puppy or kitten. Another form of donation the shelter offers is their SVAC program. With this program, members can sponsor one special dog or cat to receive premium food for a year for $120. Donating is great for those who are unable to adopt an animal but still want to help save lives.

Adopt a pet. Adopting an animal in need is a wonderful feeling. If your home is ready for a new companion, consider adopting an animal from the Glendale animal shelter. Here’s a link to current adoptable pets.

Shop. Are you the type of person that enjoys rummaging through thrift stores for that hidden gem? We are! That is why we love the fact that when you shop at the Sun Valley Animal Resale Shop, 30% goes right back to the shelter. BONUS! On your way to the resale shop, load up your car with clothing, books, collectibles, and anything else you don’t need anymore.

Apply for a job. While the shelter does rely on volunteer opportunities, they do post occasional job listings. If you’re passionate about animal advocacy, head on over to their website and submit an application. Please let them know Herbal Risings CBD Dispensary sent you!