Planning an at-home spa day? JaneVape CBD bath bombs are a perfect choice, providing ultimate relaxation and soothing relief.

If you’ve never seen bath bombs in action before, they are small bombs that burst into a tub of fizziness when dropped into the water. Our JaneVape CBD bath bombs contain botanical terpenes and other ingredients– a perfect way to pamper yourself!

How do CBD Bath Bombs work?

Packed tight with a unique combination of the simple ingredients baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salts, organic coloring, CBD extracted from Colorado grown hemp and botanical terpenes with aromatic agents that nourish directly through the skin’s opened pores. Once a bath bomb hits the hot water, it begins to rapidly fizz and bubble and you can begin to relax and enjoy your at-home spa experience. For best results, use your JaneVape CBD bath bombs in warm to hot water to activate the pores and allow easier absorption.

Unlike other topicals, CBD bath bombs penetrate the skin throughout the entire body, rather than a small area making them a relaxing experience for those who experience widespread muscle cramps, stress, and tension.

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1. For That At-Home Spa Atmosphere

Did you know your skin gives off a distinctive glow after being exposed to warm water and Epsom salts? It’s true! When combined, hot water and Epsom salts increase blood flow and open pores, resulting in a spa-like glow. Now, all you need is a little mood lighting, candles, and some calming music, and the power of CBD, you are set for the ultimate at-home spa experience.

2. Soothe Body Aches

CBD has long been revered for its inflammatory and pain relief properties. Early studies suggest CBD is able to communicate with your immune system and can tell it to calm down. This relieves both the direct pain and associated pain from the source. This can benefit those who have arthritis, muscle aches and sprains, minor injury pain, bodily tension, spasms, and more.

3. Total Relaxation

CBD is an awesome relaxant and stress reliever. When your body is destressed, it responds with the physical symptoms muscle tightness, anxiety, and can cause mood imbalances.

JaneVape CBD bath bombs interact with the system in a gentle way, so your body does not flare at the sudden change. As an added bonus, CBD and JaneVape’s special terpenes interact with other neural systems such as seratonin, the hormone responsible for happiness, and dopamine, the reward chemical.

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