Here’s are 12 gift ideas for Dad this Father’s Day. From sudsy bath bombs, to cute personalized water bottles, we’ve compiled a list of awesome gift ideas that’ll make your dad’s day great!

Full spectrum pain cream with 1000mg CBD

Our 1000mg full spectrum cream is perfect too soothe and relax sore muscles and joints. All it it takes is a pea-sized amount of salve massaged into the target area. Each 2 oz. jar contains 1000mg hemp-derived CBD, vitamin E, mango butter, and therapeutic terpenes for maximum absorbency.

Oral spray 1000mg

oral spray 1000mg

Our CBD oral spray is loaded with 1000mg CBD and conveniently bottled in an easy-spray bottle. This high-milligram formula offers an easy and effective way to get CBD circulating through the bloodstream. All it takes is 1-2 sprays inside the cheeks.

CBD Gummies sampler

Our CBD gummies sampler contains four of our favorite gummies. Each package contains approximately 100mg CBD.

Water bottle personalized with dad’s pet photo

Is your dad an avid pet lover? Why not head on over to Chewy and pick up a personalized water bottle with dad’s favorite pet displayed on the photo?

Rescue dad magnet – for the pet-lovin’ dads

Another great gift idea from Chewy– this rescue dad magnet can be displayed on the fridge or car so dad can brag about his favorite pet all day long!

Sleep tincture with melatonin

1000 mg cbd melatonin mango

For the insomniac dads out there, this CBD melatonin tincture is where it’s at! The Living Naturals sleep tincture combines two sleep-promoting agents along with naturally-sedative mango fruit extract to help get dad the sleep he so deserves.

“I love you” balloon bouquet

Who can resist a giant balloon bouquet? You can order this awesome balloon bouquet to be delivered straight to dad!

Green hemp tea

A tasty soothing beverage designed to uplift and boost the mood. Make sure dad has the best day ever with a nice cup of freshly brewed CBD green tea from Janevape.

Bath Bomb 100mg CBD

If your dad is the kind of guy that enjoys a good soak, how about our luxurious 100mg CBD bath bombs to soothe and relax away the tension.

CBD Tincture with cherry extract 1000mg

Does the dad in your life love cherry flavored everything? How about a bottle of Living Naturals cherry tincture, packed with 8.3mg per serving?

Dad jokes book – exceptionally bad dad jokes

Does your dad tell the corniest jokes? This book is guaranteed to have a few groaners dad has never heard, and might give him a little giggle, too!

High visibility golf ball 6 pack

Last but not least, we thought this incredibly cool golf ball set would make a great gift for the golfing dads out there. Check it out!